10 days Rebranding Challenge

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Attention K-12 School Principals and Owners in India! Are Your Schools Ready for a Transformation? Do you want to take your school to International Standards ?
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As a school owner do you face these challenges?

Is your school struggling to stand out in today's competitive education landscape? Do you wish there was a way to revitalize your school's image and attract students and parents with excitement?​

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We know no one strategy works for all schools.So this is a personalised challenge. Where you'll get 1-1 consultation calls as well as community support.

Process to enroll for the challenge?


Lovely Customers

Check the review of school owners who have benefited from this challenge.

I must confess, It has been an awesome experience. The challenge has given me a better view about my School. It has set me on a right path. The whole coaching info goes into me to revamp my idea about school. I am glad I subscribed to this. The value is way worth it.


The rebranding challenge has been a great eye-opener to the gaps in my shcool. I have been able to realise how speciific goals can bring about tremendous result.


I'm confident to begin the school now with this knowledge guiding me on where to start. Thank you coach Mary for defining this.


The summer coaching for our school has been the best greatest preparation we made for the new year. Thank you so much for your guidance.


It's amazing how school slots got filled within 2 weeks of engaging. It felt like the parents were waiting for us.


Meet Our Team

Ms. Mary Orji​

Ms. Mary Orji


Mary Orji is a K-12 Performance Coach and School Rebranding Expert. I have close to 15 years experience working in and outside classrooms.

In the course of my work, I have been drawn to the fluctuations in school enrollments and staff mobility. My research has sharpened my knowledge on the reason why these seen unreliable. Schools I’ve worked with have after the challenge learnt how to redefine their vision and intentionally position to be seen by prospective clients. This is the essence of the 10 Days School Rebranding Experience.

I help you using the program pillars to map out what make you unique and better than the rest;work with you on how this can be projected for visibility and attract enrollment.

Ms. Komal Gupta


Komal Gupta is a visionary entrepreneur and a driving force in the realm of education marketing and branding in India. As the Founder and CEO of Wecomm Digital, a dynamic and innovative education marketing company, Komal has been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of digital marketing within the education sector.

Wecomm Digital emerged as a trailblazer in the education marketing space. The company offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing and branding services tailored specifically for educational institutions, including schools, coaching institutes, and educational consultancies across India.

Dedication to providing top-tier services has enabled Wecomm Digital to achieve remarkable success. Team of skilled professionals works tirelessly to develop bespoke digital marketing strategies, harnessing the power of social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, and other cutting-edge techniques to enhance the online presence of educational organizations.

Komal Gupta

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some FAQs related to the 10 days rebranding challenge. If you have any other query feel free to connect with us.

The 10-day rebranding challenge is a focused initiative designed to help your school transform its identity, messaging, and strategies within a short span of 10 days.

Yes, this challenge is personalized individually and in group too. Every alternate day we'll be scheduling one-on-one call with all the participants to understand their challenges and handhold them through the solutions. Each person will have a customized solution for their problem. And then we'll also have a WhatsApp group where participants can discuss their challenges and get community lead solutions.

Rebranding can help revitalize your school's image, attract more students, and align your brand with current trends and values. The challenge is designed to provide quick but impactful results.

Yes, with proper planning and dedicated effort, 10 days can be sufficient to make significant changes in your school's branding elements, messaging, and initial implementation.

The challenge typically covers areas such as logo and visual identity updates, refining brand messaging, adjusting communication strategies, and making initial changes to the physical appearance.

The challenge is designed to be minimally disruptive. Planning and coordination ensure that changes are implemented smoothly, and the challenge can work around your school's schedule.

A focused rebranding can help address outdated perceptions and communicate a fresh, modern image that resonates with students, parents, and the community.

Challenge is spread over 10 days. We'll have 5 live coaching sessions, alternate day, via zoom where you'll get to know how you can rebrand and given assignments to work on which will guide you to better understand the challenges. You'll be interacting with other school owner and learn from peer-to-peer challenges. 

Since the challenge is being conducted by internationally renowned trainer, the mode of communication will be English. 

Empowering young minds, shaping tomorrow’s leaders – the journey of an institute is not just about education, but about creating a legacy that will impact generations to come.